A revolutionary healthcare informatics network

What is OnPacePlus?

A Value-Based tool for tracking care

In a shifting industry landscape, understanding quality-based metrics are essential for healthcare stakeholders. We provide active feedback on providers and insurers to track their standards of care.

A data authentication system

Where cost is driven by redundancy and fraud, OnPace+ supports fraudulent identities and activities using intelligent authentication.

An encrypted network for your data

OnPace+ stores, transfers, and encrypts your medical information through our own decentralized network. By leveraging blockchain technologies and the latest security standards we ensure that your medical information is safe, accessible and in your control.

An analytics platform for everyone

By providing real-time insight on the healthcare marketplace Onpace+ is designed to reduce healthcare costs for everyone.


Whether you’re in a doctor’s office, at home, or wherever we are striving to make medical information accessible when you need it most.

An integrated lifetime wellness-health record

Record keeping suite that uniquely aggregates the details of a patients wellbeing and health from cradle to grave into a health record. Allowing for patient authorized collaborative access while ensuring state-of-the-art data encryption.

Secure Private Records

A new level of control over medical records; through patent pending data encryption.

Decentralized Data Persistence

Record redundancy, spread across multiple storage facilities: both centralized and decentralized.

Real-Time Analytics

Anonymized data provides patients, providers, and payers with real time cost data transparency.

A Comprehensive Marketplace

Our market place ties in all participants in the medical care system: Patient, Healthcare provider, and Payer. It allows a unique view from each participant’s perspective, aggregating data to compare healthcare options and make the most cost effective decisions.

Placing data security in our user’s hands

Sometimes the simplest things, like keeping accurate and safe medical records, can be complicated by the unconnected and fairly disorganized current medical system. We see this as a huge barrier to safe, consistent, and cost-effective care. Through the emerging technologies of both the Blockchain, modern encryption, and distributed cloud computing, we are fighting to unify this disperse information and place it securely at an authorized user’s fingertips.

Analytics That Matter

Analytics matters:

Healthcare annually consumes 17% of the US GNP. To combat this our comprehensive system interconnects multiple data sources and finds meaningful, cost saving solutions by aggregating data across multiple healthcare networks.

Informed Decisions At Time Of Care

Timing Matters:

Real-time medical record updates allow us to provide crucial data at the time of care. Our proprietary application guarantees that providers no longer miss time-sensitive information crucial to providing excellent care.

Records In The Patient’s Control

Engaging patients in their own quality of care has been challenging due to complicated compliance regulations. OnPace+ monitors patient compliance, allows patients to view their current records, and gives the patient complete control over record accessibility.

Transforming Healthcare

We work to harness the value of networking a wide variety of modern medical records, government cost information, and compliance insight

  • Tracked patient compliance & patient engagement data
  • Access to cost saving resources for all parties 
  • Collaborative data sharing between payer, patient and doctor
  • Compatibility with modern EMRs
  • Secure and portable data records