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Technology Built by Doctors.
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Built for the Fight Against COVID-19 The OnPacePlus CoviSecure integrated solution collects data and delivers insight to help build confidence in the overall safety of the workplace. learn more

A critical tool in the fight against COVID-19

Advanced Telehealth

Through video, text or chat, our Health Portal integrates this critical feature in modern medical care.

Patient Portal

Beyond the typical patient portal, OnPacePlus provides one place for all medical, health, and wellness-related information.

Population Health

OnPacePlus provides cities and states the information necessary to model, predict and take advance action.

Workforce Health

We give employers the tool to manage workforce health, screen staff and encourage the adoption of safe behavior.

Health Portal

Where Health & Wellness Can Finally Find a Home

The easy, flexible, secure place for healthy living

OnPacePlus® is the leading healthcare technology that bridges the gap between people and their wide range of health and wellness providers. We deliver a single, easy-to-use, secure online interface that encourages individuals to manage all health-related information from one, convenient place.

The OnPacePlus Health Portal is the only complete and comprehensive health portal to employ proprietary blockchain security giving patients and providers the necessary confidence to record, store, and share all things related to their health and wellness. Designed by doctors, the OnPacePlus Health Portal is built for real-world application, ease-of-use, and ultimate accessibility.


The Health Portal Designed by Doctors

To deliver healthcare technology that solves real-world problems

Founded by doctors, OnPacePlus is the only tool designed to collect the details of a person’s health-related life and make it safely accessible to providers how and when they need it. It took doctors to understand exactly what kind of tool would be truly useful, and how it could be leveraged to improve care and drive down costs. Simply put, OnPacePlus helps providers deliver better care, faster for less.

A Real Healthcare Solution

The Comprehensive, Feature-Rich Health & Wellness Platform

Flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use for providers and patients

Digital Monitoring

Digital monitoring can be created and deployed to gauge health and wellness on a consistent basis. It is also an effective way to manage workforce health.

Education and Health Information

Based on the latest scientific research, learn about the latest medical advances as well as informtion on nutrition and fitness.

Care Coordination

OnPacePlus Health Portal is the central repository from which all care givers can deposit and retrieve critical patient information with speed and ease.


OnPacePlus offers a powerful electronic journaling feature that allows users to easily keep track of their health on a daily basis and select who can and can’t see it.


Read the latest studies and articles by healthcare professionals within your own network and beyond. Learn from the best minds and find out who thinks what on topics you care about.


OnPacePlus supports the most advanced modes of doctor-patient communication including chat, messaging, and telehealth.

Medical Records

OnPacePlus integrates the top EMR and EHR technologies to house and coordinate one’s entire medical history in one convenient, accessible location.

Workforce Screening

Timely questionnaires and efficient data mining gives any large organization a handle on the health of their employees—important now more than ever.


Patient and doctor scheduling can all be managed within the Health Portal providing one, simple location of reference.