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One Secure Place for Health & Wellness

Providing the security to be used well and often

OnPacePlus marks a paradigm shift in health care. We believe true healthcare extends far beyond the treatment of your acute and chronic ailments; Beyond medical history, diagnosis, and prescriptions, to encompass the totality of one’s wellbeing. The OnPacePlus Health Portal is designed to be the one-stop-shop for everything from medical records and telehealth to everyday nutrition and fitness. OnPacePlus Health Portal provides the means to create a complete personal health and wellness profile for individuals and their families that can be shared with doctors and healthcare providers anytime, anywhere.

a real healthcare solution

The Tool for the Evolving Doctor-Patient Relationship

Flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use for providers and patients

Digital Monitoring

Digital monitoring can be created and deployed to gauge health and wellness on a consistent basis. It is also an effective way to manage workforce health.

Education and Health Information

Based on the latest scientific research, learn about the latest medical advances as well as information on nutrition and fitness.

Care Coordination

OnPacePlus Health Portal is the central repository from which all care givers can deposit and retrieve critical patient information with speed and ease.


OnPacePlus offers a powerful electronic journaling feature that allows users to easily keep track of their health on a daily basis and select who can and can’t see it.


Read the latest studies and articles by healthcare professionals within your own network and beyond. Learn from the best minds and find out who thinks what on topics you care about.


OnPacePlus supports the most advanced modes of doctor-patient communication including chat, messaging and telehealth.

Medical Records

OnPacePlus integrates the top EMR and EHR technologies to house and coordinate one’s entire medical history in one convenient, accessible location.

Workforce Screening

Timely questionnaires and efficient data mining gives any large organization a handle on the health of their employees—important now more than ever.


Patient and doctor scheduling can all be managed within the Health Portal providing one, simple location of reference.


Through the OnPacePlus Health Portal, you can rest assured that news sources are delivering credible, scientific information – a critical feature in a world where fact can be difficult to discern from fiction.


With strategic partner, Mathematica, OnPacePlus offers best-practice data analytics and usable information.


Data is transferred into visible information, quick and easy to understand on customizable dashboards within the system.

Contact Info

One consolidated, searchable list of contacts for all health and wellness related services; Doctors, specialists, urgent care, emergency contacts, insurance, and more.

Disease Management

By managing the collection and flow of information through EMR, OnPacePlus facilitates the communication essential for premier care.


Strategic Partner Mathematica

Global leader in big data analytics pairs with us to deliver a pioneering solution

Mathematica is our insight partner that illuminates the path to progress for the public- and private-sector changemakers. They apply expertise at the intersection of data, methods, policy, and practice, translating big questions into deep insights that weather the toughest tests. Driven by a mission to improve public well-being, they work closely with clients to improve programs, refine strategies, and enhance understanding.