Built for the Fight Against COVID-19 The OnPacePlus CoviSecure integrated solution collects data and delivers insight to help build confidence in the overall safety of the workplace.

Effective Digital Monitoring for Covid-19

Healthcare Providers

CoviSecure provides an essential crisis management assist for healthcare workers who need to collect and process information quickly.

Population Health

CoviSecure provides cities and states the information necessary to model and predict and take advance action during this crisis.

Workforce Health

We give employers the tool to manage workforce health, screen staff and encourage the adoption of safe behavior.

Insurance Providers

Health insurers, Medicare and Medicade benefit from our unique consolidation efforts to offer better care solutions and better rates.


The Means to Take Control in this New Reality

In the battle to defeat Covid-19, CoviSecure bridges the gap between populations and healthcare to facilitate optimal communication

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed American’s way of life, economy, and social structure. In order for us to return to a sense of normalcy, we need confidence that 1) it is safe for us to return to work or to the public square, and 2) we will not put others at risk as carriers of the virus.

OnPacePlus in partnership with Mathematica, have developed CoviSecure, a screening protocol based on the latest guidelines from the CDC. We can assess if an individual exhibits the symptoms and provide the individual with recommended next steps such as testing, isolation, hospitalization, etc.

Monitoring employees with CoviSecure contributes to the safety of the workplace and is a key part of the solution. Monitoring patients contributes to the safety of the practice/facility, improves full utilization of the facility, and is a billable event. The OnPacePlus system combines the best remote digital monitoring process available plus the hard data needed to manage the practice effectively.

CoviSecure is delivered as a series of quick and easy interviews on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer browser. The interviews can be completed in less than a minute, providing real-time status information to individuals and the organization. The data can be leveraged to navigate a safe return or to manage overall risk factors requiring further action.

CoviSecure provides tracking of:

  • Exposure
  • Symptoms
  • Vaccine status
  • Quarantine status and
  • Contact tracing

for any organization needing help managing risk for their workforce, students or other population.

The interviews were developed by medical experts, including infectious disease specialists, who are in constant contact with current CDC guidelines and their frequent updates. All information gathered meets stringent security requirements and complies with HIPAA guidelines.  No employee information aside from the employee’s availability for work is shared with the employer. Patient-specific information is available to the provider. Implementation can begin quickly and easily.

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Managing Healthcare

Diligence and Monitoring on the Frontlines

Using the Health Portal as an information and communications tool

Through consistent surveying, CoviSecure will help monitor those on the front lines of COVID-19 care while limiting the spread of the virus in a workplace where close contact is often necessary between patient and healthcare provider and support teams.

Workforce Health Management

The Help You Need to Enact Safety Standards

Survey, monitor and educate using the Health Portal

For employers, OnPacePlus Workplace Management will help employers assess the safety of their workplace so that their business can resume again. Organizations will have access to real-time dashboards to help them manage their workforce, identify red flags, and allocate resources in advance of the problem.

Population Health

A Vital Tool in the Fight to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Using the Health Portal as an information and communications tool

For cities and states, assuring care for their populations and stopping the spread of this virus has become the government’s primary responsibility. OnPacePlus administers routine online surveys where individuals can get their risk level assessed. This information is useful both to the individual and to governments who can use the aggregate information to form models and predictions.

Features & Function

A Comprehensive, Feature-Rich Health & Wellness Technology

Flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use for providers and patients

Digital Monitoring

Digital monitoring can be created and deployed to gauge health and wellness on a consistent basis. It is also an effective way to manage workforce health.

Education and Health Information

Based on the latest scientific research, learn about the latest medical advances as well as informtion on nutrition and fitness.

Care Coordination

OnPacePlus Health Portal is the central repository from which all care givers can deposit and retrieve critical patient information with speed and ease.


OnPacePlus offers a powerful electronic journaling feature that allows users to easily keep track of their health on a daily basis and select who can and can’t see it.


Read the latest studies and articles by healthcare professionals within your own network and beyond. Learn from the best minds and find out who thinks what on topics you care about.


OnPacePlus supports the most advanced modes of doctor-patient communication including chat, messaging and telehealth.

Medical Records

OnPacePlus integrates the top EMR and EHR technologies to house and coordinate one’s entire medical history in one convenient, accessible location.

Workforce Screening

Timely questionnaires and efficient data mining gives any large organization a handle on the health of their employees—important now more than ever.


Patient and doctor scheduling can all be managed within the Health Portal providing one, simple location of reference.