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Onpaceplus is looking for front end and full stack engineers to complete our talented programming team.

Our inclusive team consists of doctors, software engineers, financial advisers, medical planners, and digital currency experts. If you feel you are qualified to work with us please get in contact at

Qualifications include:


  • Minimum a bachelor degree in computer science
  • two to three years of deployment work for a relevant web framework
  • experience in IOS/Android platform development, and experience with full stack security.
  • MySql or similar database experience of two years is required. Experience in two party encryption is a plus, as well as experience in blockchain technology.
Responsibilities will include:
   1. Creation, Oversight and maintenance a web framework and front end for our      home website.
   2. Creating a sensible user interface and data display when given a basic schema
   3. Integrating the home website with a native mobile application on both android and ios.
   4. Implementing front end best practices for user security.

Our prospective hire will be working full time, remotely and would have a salary commensurate to skill level in the range of 50-65k a year based on a 40 hour work week. Dedicated team members will have consideration for stock options, and other equity incentives.